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Resume for Larene Spitler

To become truly liber (Read like a lawyer, write like an author, speak like an orator, think like a philosopher, compute like a mathmetician).

Professional Skills:
Over the past 30 years, I have worked as an Accountant, Computer Programmer, Webmaster, and Forex Trader.
I worked at home during the last 15 years.

Writer -

  • Wordpress Blog http://theForexMom.com
    Over the past year, I have written many blogs to teach people how to trade the ForEX (Foreign Currency Exchange). I really enjoy writing these blogs.
  • Published Children's Story http://wwwTheStorytellerAndHisDaughter.com
    I wrote and published a story to teach my daughter the characteristics of a "true" princess. I wanted her to develop a paradigm in her mind of a princess being hard working, kind, loving, and thinking of others.

Computer Programmer -

  • Pictor Design (14 years)
    I developed programs for websites using Perl, PHP, mysql, HTML, JavaScript, XML, Dreamweaver and Microsoft Front Page.
  • Davidson & Associates (7 years)
    I programmed 10 peices of educational software, including New Math Blaster Plus, Spell It 3, Word Attack 3, and Grammer Games. I wrote these games using Forth and C++.

Webmaster -

  • Pictor Design (14 years)
    I am responsible for maintaining 7 servers, over 100 websites, and hundreds of email accounts. Our customers call me directly, and I handle all of the technical problems.

Bookkeeper -

  • CW&M Brinkerhoff Trucking, Inc. (6 years)
    I taught the owner of the company how to use QuickBooks. She asked me to continue working for her and help her with the bookkeeping. 


  • Autism
    My daughter developed symptoms of autism when she was 1 1/2 years old. I have done a lot of research about Autism.
  • Special Olympics
    Special Olympics is a wonderful way for the intellectually disabled person to develop self-esteem and a good work ethic. My daughter has competed in Swimming, Track, Cycling, Bowling, Snowshoe, and Equestrian.
  • Homeschool
    I have homeschooled my autistic daughter for the past 20 years.
  • Private Schools
    When I enrolled my daughter in the private school, Commonwealth, I found myself volunteering to be the Treasurer, Math Teacher, and I Love America teacher. It was great fun.
  • Political Science
    I have studied many writings of the Founding Fathers, and great men like Cicero, Polybius, Montesquieu, and Alexis de Toqueville.
  • Religion
    I am a very religious person and I have read many religious books. I am also interested in studying all of the religions in the world.
  • Physically Handicapped
    I was diagnosed with arthritis in 1980 and have struggled with this over the years.
  • Alternative Medicine
    In order to help my body heal, I have read many things about the history of Medicine and alternative medical techniques.


  • Education
    BS Degree in Computer Science, 1987, California State University at Los Angeles
    AA Degree in Data Processing, 1983, El Camino College, Torrance, California
    Certificate in Computer Programming, 1979, Control Data Institute, Los Angeles, California
    Bookkeeping Certificate, 1977, LDS Business College, Salt Lake City, Utah
    High School, 1976, Hillcrest High, Midvale, Utah
  • Wife and mother
    I have been married since 1979 (33 years) and I have an 20 year old daughter.